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Active Ingredient: Azithromycin

$0.44 per pill Zithromax is used to treat many different types of infections caused by bacteria, such as respiratory infections, skin infections, ear infections, and sexually transmitted diseases. In children, it is used to treat middle ear infection, pneumonia, tonsillitis, and strep throat.

Zithromax capsulesAcceptance of Zithromax administered in case of confirmed bacterial infection forms. The drug belongs to a group of macrolide and azalide antibacterial agents. The active substance has a chemical nature and complex multilevel formula. The medicine refers to the third generation microbicides with minimal resistance to the various pathogenic bacteria. This allows use in patients with various forms of inflammatory diseases.

The basic form of application - gelatine capsule inside which is a white crystalline powder. Take capsules should be whole, without an autopsy. This is due to the fact that the hydrochloric acid of the gastric juice may adversely affect the drug components. The capsule form allows you to bring it in an unchanged form to the intestinal cavity, which have no aggressive acid environment.

Zithromax Z Pak: Pharmacological action

bacterial infectionsThe main action of Zithromax z pack is directed against a wide range of forms of bacterial infections. When injected into the tissues of the body, the active ingredient binds to ribosomes, cell inclusions. Due to the formation of persistent connections blocked production of the protein inside the bacterial cell connections. Thus, in therapeutic dosages achieved bacteriostatic deceleration process and inhibition of multiplication and division of the bacterial microflora. For rapid destruction of the microbial flora required increase in the concentration of active substance in the blood plasma.
The number of bacteria which are sensitive to the drug, include:

  • All species of streptococci;
  • Bordetella and Campylobacter;
  • Anaerobic microflora;
  • Mycoplasma and ureoplazma.

In some cases, instructions for use of Zithromax z pack may be used at a lesion tissue spirochetes. After oral administration the active ingredient into the blood within 30 minutes. An hour later, the plasma concentration reaches 38 percent. Maximum bioavailability occurs after 2 hours after administration of a therapeutic dose of 500 mg. For the full treatment necessary to take the antibiotic Zithromax is at least 3 consecutive days. In severe infections need longer courses of treatment.

Azithromycin Tablets Instruction

Manual for use of Azithromycin Tablets allows for its use in a variety of infections of moderate severity in the form of capsules. In severe forms of the disease should begin therapy with intravenous and intramuscular injection.

Azithromycin antibiotic: Indications for use of Zithromax

Indications for use of Zithromax
  • acute upper respiratory tract infections, including tonsillitis, catarrhal tonsillitis, pharyngitis, tracheitis;
  • acute and chronic infections of the lower respiratory tract - bronchitis, bronchiolitis, bronchiectasis, pleurisy, pneumonia;
  • otitis media in the acute stage;
  • sinusitis, ethmoiditis, sinusitis;
  • urethritis and acute cystitis;
  • pyelonephritis, caused by susceptible organisms;
  • inflammation of the soft tissues - erysipelatous lesions, dermatitis and dermatitis purulent discharge from the substrate;
  • cholecystitis, duodenitis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

In dentistry, Azithromycin antibiotic 500 mg used in the acute forms adnexitises and bacterial vaginitis. This drug is reasonably likely to help prevent the risk of adhesions, and tubal occlusion.

250 mg of Azithromycin antibiotic drug effective for diseases of the oral cavity. In particular, its use is widely practiced in flux, periostitis and periodontitis. After tooth removal and suppuration wells may also be assigned to receive the drug. It does not have sufficient efficacy in diseases of the meninges spider and has no effect on the pathogenic form of meningococcal infection. Therefore, meningitis, encephalitis and arachnoiditis is not used as the drug of first choice. But it can be used as a support drug in the antimicrobial therapy.

What is a Z Pack good for?

To combat bacterial infections, antibiotics of a broad spectrum of action are often used. Zithromax Z Pak is an effective antibacterial drug of high European quality, able to cope with virtually any bacterium. It belongs to the group of macrolides, which differ in the lowest toxicity among all groups of antibiotics.

Zitromax Z Pak is good and equally effective on bacterial diseases of the respiratory tract, purulent skin lesions and sexually transmitted infections.

The creator of the active substance of antibiotic (azithromycin) is the pharmaceutical company Pliva, Croatia. Pfizer licensed this medication and brought it to the American and European market with the name Zitromax.

Z Pak antibiotic Zithromax: Contraindications

The drug Zithromax z pak antibiotic in pregnancy and during breast-feeding is contraindicated in all dosage forms. The exceptions are those cases in which the risk to the health of the fetus is less dangerous than an inflammatory disease of the health of future mothers.

Z pak antibiotic Zithromax is contraindicated in children up to the age of 6 months. Do not use this drug if you are hypersensitive to antibiotics erythromycin series. Side effects may occur on the part of the cardiovascular system, kidneys, skin and digestive tract. These symptoms are detected in no more than 1 in 1000 patients in the control cases.

Preparation Zithromax relates to macrolide antibiotics, which are directly related to erythromycin. This antibiotic is prescribed to stop the growth of bacteria by reducing the growth of protein, so necessary for the development of bacteria. The drug can be used in conjunction with other medications, as well as independently. It is noteworthy that it is very commonly prescribed to HIV-positive in order to prevent the spread of infection in their body.

With the drug Zithromax possible plurality of different effective treatment of bacterial infections, particularly those sexually transmitted infections and respiratory tract, skin diseases and ear infections. In addition, the drug is effective in pneumonia, tonsillitis and acute pharyngitis in children.

In pregnancy, the effect of z pak antibiotic Zithromax on the mother and fetus have not yet been studied, and it's hard to say whether it is harmful to the unborn child. When a woman taking the drug need to inform your doctor about the pregnancy or its planning during the course of treatment with this drug. Not well known effect of azithromycin on breast milk.

In addition, it is absolutely not clear whether he is able to harm a nursing baby. Mothers breast-feeding is not advisable to take this medication without first talking about this with your doctor.

Regarding side effects of this drug as a whole, they have not yet been fully investigated and understood. Among the typical and common side effects - shortness of breath, swelling of the tongue, face and lips. In the case of their existence is to immediately stop taking the drug and seek the advice and counsel concerning the further admission directly to your doctor.

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Azithromycin Superdrug Reviews

Diana Rainolds, 33

Among the side effects - nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, rarely - vomiting and flatulence. It is extremely rare - skin rash. I have, as I wrote, was a slight pain in the stomach and small disorder. But candida is not specified. And it is this is the main reason for my reluctance to resort to antibiotics. Unfortunately, Zithromax superdrug for me was a pleasant exception in this regard. But always have to sacrifice something.

Now about the dosage. I saw the biggest capsule: 500 mg. I got "Zithromax". The package of all 3 capsules. This dosage is for people with a weight of 45 kilograms.

Oxana Bullok, 27

Sometimes you can not do without antibiotics.
Zithromax - broad-spectrum antibiotic, is used in a variety of infections of the upper respiratory tract, skin. Active in the "microbes". For example, streptococs (time has not cured a sore throat and so on. N.) Affect connective tissue, that is, give complications in the joints, heart and other organs.
Assist only antibiotics. Zithromax is a good job and superdrug. I can compare with amoxicillin. Zithromax is more convenient to use, since it is necessary to take one time a day, three days a course. (Amoxicillin same should be applied 3 times a day 5-7 days, strictly abide by visiting hours, otherwise all in vain).
On the basis of Zithromax, there are other medications such as Azitroks, sumamed but Zithromax cheaper. The other reviews on the site says that often there are counterfeits. But I still like the drug got normal. Therefore, a positive review. Recently at the pharmacy requires a prescription. I guess that's right. But there are times that it is easier and faster to heal itself, than to suffer, and the counter - anywhere.